Model Panda


GPS kidswatch with telephone function, shock-absorbant ring around the display, analogue / digital display, three dial buttons, display always readable without the push of a button







“Hello mama, my friends are just amazed by my cellphone watch!”




„Good to know that my child has arrived safely in school.“




Maximum data security due to German servers is important to me


The Kidswatch that Communicates


Children want to discover the world. And parents want to know where their child is. With the Pingonaut Kidswatch you can track your childen’s adventures and communicate with them throughout – because the Pingonaut Kidswatch is a wristwatch with mobile phone functions.


The built-in SIM card provides a direct connection to your children: with our free app you can see their current location, call them or send them short messages. And of course they can call you too!



The Pingonaut Kidswatch Features


Telephone services

call and be called just like any mobile phone


An optimised SIM card is included



Identify phone numbers that are allowed to call the clock


Accurate GPS location in real time

Splash-water proof

According to IP54

Pingonaut App

Free of charge: The Pingonaut app for your smartphone – the headquarters for managing your Pingonaut Kidswatches (download the app for iPhone or Android here)

Voice messages

Receive your child’s voice messages in the Pingonaut App

Safe Zone

Receive notifiactions when a predetermined area is left


The distance covered by the watch in the last 30 days



Display of current time, digital or analogue


Manage alarms and rest periods in the app


Durable battery lasting up to 4 days

Fast switching


By double-clicking the middle button, your child can quickly switch between analogue and digital display. Ideal watch to watch!

Pingonaut Kids App

Get the free App:






Manage all your children’s watches centrally in the app or the webbrowser. You can also install the app on multiple devices, or example on both mum’s and dad’s phone.


Localisation with history

You can see the localisation data in real time as well as the history, i.e. the distance covered by the watch during the last 30 days.

Safe Zone

Good to know that your child or your children are close to home, kindergarten or a playgorund. Determine areas of trust as so-called safe zones.

Make and receive calls

You can call your child at any time using a phone included on the whitelist. Conversely, your child can reach you at any time at the push of a button.